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Running an algorithm service is easy as 1-2-3! First, users can discover the services with the showroom search tool. Each service information page provides description of the algorithm, the formats of input data and output results, and defines the RESTful API for the service. Then users can run services with input data as text or file. Even though the data format may vary from service to service, the API for running all services is the same. And finaly, the output results created by services can be downloaded or obtained by running the service via RESTful API.

Deploying algorithms as services is easy as 1-2-3, again! First, ZIP the algorithm with a entry point script called Then upload the algorithm package using the makerplace web interface and create a new service. An uploaded algorithm package becomes a services that you can test from the browser or via RESTful API. Then finally to make the service available on the showroom, pubish it using the service web interface. A published serivice is discoverable and available to all users.

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