Showroom How it works


Seegnify showroom is an on-line hub where users share AI/ML algorithms as services. The showroom provides a collection of tools to discover, run, create and manage the algorithms.


The API allows developers to integrate with the showroom and to use the algorithms in external applications. API details are provided on the individual algorithm page. To call algorithms via API users use API Access Keys controlled via account settings.

Algorithm Packaging and Uploading

An algorithm for the showroom should be packaged in a ZIP file. A ZIP aglorithm package is uploaded to the showroom and becomes a service. In orther to run the algorithm as a service, the ZIP package needs to include a Shell script which is an entry point to the service. The ZIP package may contain additional files and folders with code and data required to run the service.

Algorithm Deployment

Algorithms are executed as individual processes with user provided data. The algorithm entry point is invoked with two parameters which are the paths to an input and an output files: INPUT_FILE OUTPUT_FILE

Vendors customize the script to read user input data from INPUT_FILE, run their algorithm and save the results to OUTPUT_FILE. The results are automatically delivered to the user. Below is an example script with a simple Echo service:

# An Echo service

# input and output file paths

# echo input file to output file

The script can call executables provided in service ZIP package or available system tools. In the example above the script calls a system copy command cp which 'echoes' user input data to the output file.

Algorithm Publishing

To make an algorithm available in the showroom, vendors publish their algorithms using the Markteplace web interface. Each algorithm can be tesed before publishing via the web interface or RESTful API.