About Pricing

Credits and Dollars

The Marketplace operates on virtul credits that currenlty do not reflect a monetary value. This will change in the future when we integrate payment services. When this happens $1 will be worht 10,000 credits and you will be able to convert earned credits into dollars. For now, we are asking you to work with us only with the credits.

Free Credits

The Marketplace provieds each user with 10,000 free credits to run available algorithms. The free credits are renewed each month and will be used up when running the algorithms.

Running Cost

The cost of running a single algorithm is a sum of access cost defined by algorithm's vendor and run-time cost equivalent to 1 credit per second.

Running Cost = Access Cost + Run-Time Cost (time in seconds)

Credit Distribution

Access to the Marketplace is controlled by API Access Keys which can be created and managed in the account settings. Each API Access Key identifies a calling account and allows to perfrom secure transactions between the user's and the algorithm vendor's accounts and to distribute charges and earnings between the respective accounts.