About Marketplace


Our Marketplace is an on-line hub where users, developers and vendors can share and trade AI/ML algorithms. The Marketplace provides a collection of tools to discover, run, create and manage the algorithms. Users access algorithms as micro-services and the Marketplace automatically handles all transactions and accounting between users and vendors.


Users and Developers are the consumers of the algorithms on the Markerplace. Algorithms on the Marketplace can be discovered by searching and can be used direclty from the web interface or via RESTful API.


Vendors and Researchers are the contributors of the algorithms to the Markerplace. We ecourage you to publish your algorithms on the Marketplace. Vendors will use additinal tools to manage and publish algorithms on the Marketplace, such as Git repository and publishing tool.

The roles of users and vendors are not excluding each other and each user can publish an algorithm as vendor.


The API allows developers to integrate with the Marketplace and to use the algorithms in external applications. API details are provided on the individual algorithm page. To call algorithms via API users use API Access Keys controlled via account settings. The API Access Key identifies user account when the algorithm is called and allows to securely execute transactions betweeen user and vendor accounts.

Git Repository

Vendors store and manage algorithm projects in Git repository accessible via HTTPS protocol. A URL to a specif algorithm repository can be found via the clone tool on algorithm project page. The repository is password protected and requires the same credentials that you use to log in to your account.

Algorithm Deployment

Algorithms are executed as individual processes with user provided data. The entry point to each algorithm is a Shell script run.sh which is by default included in every new algorithm project. Vendors modify the script to run their algorithm, read input data and output results. The results are automatically delivered to the algorithm caller.

Algorithm Publishing

To make an algorithm available to all Marketplace users, vendors publish their algorithms from the Markteplace web interface. An algorithm can be tesed before publishing via Marketplace web interface or RESTful API.