We provide search and analytics services to people and businesses.
Our tools are free, open and transparent.



Elasticcrawler is an open source, distributed web crawler for Elasticsearch. It is the missing link between your favorite data indexing tool and a true web search engine. You can download the latest version from GitHub.



Distributed computing has never been easier. Shellcloud creates and controls distributed jobs via SSH or RSH. It is secure and language-agnostic. Shellcloud is open source and the latest version is available from GitHub.

Open Source

Open API

Seegnify services will be available via open API and will allow every developer to access them for free. We are working hard to deliver the API to you. You will find more details on our website when the API is ready. Stay tuned.

Analyze Instantly

Analyze Instantly. Derive more information from your data.

Seegnify uses deep learning technology to efficiently classify, predict, generate or find information. We work with different kinds of data, including text, images, discrete and real-valued data, independent samples and data streams. We build self-learning tools that help you easyly and quickly see what is in your data.

Take a Ride. See for yourself.

Feel free to try our search and analytics platform. We are going make our tools available on line to let you experience search and analytics on different kinds of data. All content will be searchable and options will be available to analyze the results. Hit the road to see what is coming!

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